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Have your stock front speakers blown on your Camaro with Monsoon system? Mine did so I added a set of Infinity Kappa Series 62.9i. You can't just take out the old and replace with a new one because the stock speaker has two sets of speaker wires going to them one for the high frequency and one for the low frequency and the new Infinity speaker is set up for a standard two wire hook-up. So I talked to Fred Sanborn and he had done the same swap to Rory's '02 Camaro and he agreed to help me with mine. Here are some photos on how to rewire the Infinity speakers to work with the Monsoon system in the 4th gen Camaros.

I purchased these speakers from Crutchfield and just checked there and these speakers are discontinued there so here is a link to that page. Click here.
The Infinity 62.9i are 4ohm speakers and I am not an expert at all on this so not sure if a 2ohm speaker will work the same. You can still find them on Ebay.

Here is the stock Monsoon speaker once you remove it from your front door. There is a plastic speaker basket remove the whole basket first then you can remove the speaker as shown below.


Next you want to mark what wires are to the high and low frequency. You need to look at if the wires are going to the center tweeter (high) and the mid range larger part of the speaker (low) and mark the wires before you unsolder them.


Here is a photo how the new Infinity speaker comes out of the box.

First you need to remove the little black cap covering where all the wires meet. It is glued on so just need to pry it off you will not need to reuse the plastic cap.


Next you will have to unsolder the wires form this little crossover board. There are two sets of wires attached here. (high and low)


Next you can take the wire lead you removed from the stock speaker and begin soldering it to the new speaker. Notice the polarity of the wires to the speaker.


Now do the same for the high frequency. Notice how we marked the high side with tape before we removed it from the stock speaker. Also a little heat shrink tubing seals off the soldered wires and give a pro look. On the low side you have Red to + and Black to - and the high side you have White to Red for the + side and Black to Black for the - side.


Next mount your new speaker back into the plastic speaker basket.


Here is a back view of the wires all neatly cleaned up.


Now reinstall the speaker and repeat on the other door and enjoy a nice clear sound.

Other then a little soldering there were no modifications to any of the oem parts.

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