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Renewing Members ...

Not sure if you are behind on your dues?

Click here to find your name on our member list.  It also shows the month and year that you joined the club.  The month you joined is the month your membership is due for renewal. 

Membership renewals are sent out one year from the date of joining the Camaro Club.  Example: If you join in October 2015, your renewal date will be in October 2016. If your dues are not paid within one month, you will be dropped as a member.

If you have any further question, you can send our treasurer an email to find out. Dawn Dage


Membership Dues Information

      Annual SINGLE Active Membership - $25.00 per year -
includes individual member 

      Annual EXTENDED Active Membership$35.00 per year - includes member and one designated family member, spouse, partner or significant other

      Annual EXTENDED PLUS Active Membership - $35 per year - for one designated family member, spouse, partner, or significant other PLUS $10.00 per year for each additional family member who resides at the same address - thirteen (13) years of age and older

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