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A Brief Outline of Early Past Events

August, 1987
P.O. Box established.
Paul gets himself on Paul Brian's Motor Sports Radio Show on WGN and gets plenty of publicity for the club.
Logo chosen.
Elections held -- President: Paul Weinert, Vice President: Gordon Baily, Treasurer: Jackie Borucki, and Secretary: Amy Berg.

September, 1987
Received State of Illinois Registration Certificate.
We are the "Illinois Camaro Club."

February, 1988
First Car display for the club -- 22 members display their Camaros in the Orland Park Place Mall.

March, 1988
Membership reaches 58.
Preliminary Bylaws discussions.

June, 1988
Membership reaches 80.
First 'Tee' shirts are ordered.

August, 1988
Membership reaches 100.
First Rockford Speedway Display & Run.
The Rubenacker's initiate "The Bash" at their home in Island Lake. This event became an annual I.C.C. tradition.

September, 1988
Membership reaches 106.

October, 1988
The Club receives its first inquiry from outside of the continental USA -- a young man from the Netherlands.

November, 1988

Membership reaches 120.

December, 1988
Plans for the 1st car show.
Club jackets coming.

July, 1989
Our first car show. 131 cars participate.
 50 Club members worked the show.

August, 1989
Paul Weinert proposes to Karen over the P.A. system at Rockford
Speedway -- spectators in the stands. Karen accepts Paul's proposal.

July, 1990
Our 2nd annual car show -- 101 cars participate. First over night Car Club cruise to Springfield, IL.

September, 1990
1st Club road rally.

November, 1990
Plans for the 3rd annual car show.

July, 1991
The club spends a day with the Illinois Live Streamers Train Club. 3rd annual car show -- 92 cars participate

October, 1991
2nd annual road rally.

February, 1992
The club is invited by the Chevrolet Division of GM, to attend a press conference on Friday prior to the opening of the 1992 Chicago Auto Show. We are to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Camaro; 35 members attend. We are treated to hors d'oeuvres and Jim Perkins, manager of Chevrolet, speaks to us. We are interviewed for a Chevy Video magazine. Some members are interviewed by WMAQ-TV, channel 5, which is then aired on the 6 p.m. news.

July, 1992
4th annual car show -- 50 members help to make the show a success. 145 cars participate.

August, 1992
1st annual Union Railroad Museum Transportation Extravaganza.

October, 1992
We are introduced to autocross.

January, 1993
Annual video pizza party initiated.
5th annual car show canceled.

March, 1993
The club rents Union Grove Dragway for half a day. We race each other till the tires and time run out.
Annual "Rubenacker Bash" now entrenched.

March, 1994
Road trip to "Indy."

April, 1994
Our first bowling outing.

July, 1994
Drags again at Great Lakes -- 20 cars show up. Three members have problems/breakdowns; thanks to the help of other club members, all is made well.
Our first club hats.

September, 1994

Cruise to Starved Rock and Duffy's Tavern in Utica. "Club members eat turtle."

October, 1994
GM invites the I.C.C. Club to their service training center to help celebrate the center's 40th Anniversary; we display our Camaros and receive a guided tour.
From this point the Club has tried almost every type of function; and added to our annual schedule those events which are most attended.

June, 1995
The club is contacted by a Detroit firm, which produces commercials for the Chevrolet Division of GM. We are asked for 100-point Camaros for the "Photo Shoot." Four Camaros attend an all-day shoot at Navy Pier. Two members are then chosen for another "Photo Shoot" in Waukegan.

July, 1996
Our first "Hook-up" for cruising with another car club, the Northern Illinois Mustang Corral Club.

June, 1997
The club is invited to a private showing of our Camaros, at the Cantigny Museum in Wheaton. 30 cars are displayed.

September, 1997
10th anniversary of our incorporation as the Illinois Camaro Club.
We cruise with the Fox Valley Corvette Club.

December, 1997
We are selected by Hot Rod magazine to be the host of Club for the "Hot Rod Power Festival" for July, to be held at the (then) new Route 66 Drag Strip in Joliet. The club was featured in an issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

July, 1998
Three-Day Hot Rod Power Fest. We are congratulated by the Hot Rod Magazine staff on a job very well done. 51 Club members work for three hot, grueling days to make the event a success.

September, 1998
Our club, along with the Fox Valley Corvette Club, is invited to view Lord Palumbo's Private Car Collection. "What a beautiful collection."

July, 1999
Once again the Club hosts the Hot Rod Power Festival at Route 66 Dragway in Joliet.

March, 2000
Membership reaches 140.

January, 2008

Today, The club is over 20 years old and 200 members strong!




November 2021

The Illinois Camaro Club now reaching 35 years of continuous operation.

Still strong, still growing.


November 2022

The Illinois Camaro Club celebrated it's 35th anniversary with an array of events stretching from Pontiac Illinois through Ottawa, Joliet, Yorkville, up to Island Lake Illinois.  If you made it out to an event the Club thanks you.  And we hope to have a full docket of exciting events for 2023 in the coming months.  Please check back on the events page for the Club schedule.    Events are also promoted on the Illinois Camaro Club FB page.  The Illinois Camaro Club, established 1987. 


March 2023

The Illinois Camaro Club begins a new year 2023 with an array of exciting events and cruises scheduled.   We are Illinois' oldest all Camaro club established in August 1987 and still going strong. The Illinois Camaro Club is registered as a car enthusiast club only, not as a business, and all membership dues and other revenues generated are for the operation of the club and for the enjoyment of the club membership.

Illinois Camaro Club

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