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ICC members, need something advertised? 

All submissions for the Member’s Marketplace must be received by the 20th of the month to be submitted for the next issue of the newsletter.  Please include a detailed description, price, and how you want to be contacted (phone, email, or both).  Include good, clear pictures of items if possible.  Editor reserves the right to edit submission.

To advertise in Members Marketplace you must be a member of the Illinois Camaro Club in good standing.

Contact the Editor, Rob Davis at brickyard02ss@yahoo.com to submit your ad!

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  • Rob Davis
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  • Other Make / Model

Garage Posts

Date: 10/29/2017
Author: Rob Davis
Generation: First Generation - 1967 to 1969
  • 1fa6e198-86ce-4160-bb77-79e9af6f9374
  • 5b7d008f-f8dc-4b5a-9cbb-973d75798666
  • 419a333a-203b-40a9-89c0-9c7fcbe8d0cc
  • 00aeda55-f71e-4f0f-8014-9357a60b7f40
  • 7161b026-070b-4712-b194-4685b0b8277b
  • 48823b00-defb-4549-bc8b-331398fc34bd
  • c4ba7317-e574-43e3-b8fb-8da6705ed975
  • 2c4073c0-9624-4383-93a6-5adb53485e1f

Date: 07/18/2016
Author: Rob Davis
Generation: Other Make / Model

Date: 06/04/2016
Author: Rob Davis
  • 5256509e-0232-4c6c-8171-3a36a8d9a073
  • b005ff0b-6208-46b4-835d-4534b316a1a1

Date: 06/04/2016
Author: Rob Davis
  • c1271a68-f175-4c21-80d2-a7afe0b7204b
  • 032ebbdf-8c78-4369-a7ee-8172f9c70b40
  • a5c263b4-685e-464a-aa76-36ef1b9719cf
  • 44c0ade3-3555-47ab-89af-232eaa79a12a

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